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DM Lawns Inc was established in 2017, Our owner has over 15 years of experience in the landscape industry. Our goal is always to provide the client with quality work, From Landscape Maintenance to Planting installation & everything in between we have the knowledge & crew to get the job done.

Our Services

Complete Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn, how it looks and is maintained says a lot about your property, which is why it can play a big role in its value. A healthy, well-maintained lawn not only looks good, but it can also help increase the value of your home. If maintaining the health and look of your lawn is a challenge, D.M. Lawns Inc. can provide trustworthy landscape solutions that can help you have a beautiful lawn and yard too!

Sod & Seed Lawns

When establishing a new lawn, a common question asked is, "Should I seed or sod?" The most significant difference between seeding and sodding is the time it takes to develop a mature grass stand. Sodding is quicker; it’s simply transplanting mature grass. Seeding establishes grass from an earlier stage.

Irrigation Repair & Installations

Is your irrigation system ineffective? Are the sprinklers watering the street more than your grass? If so, it is time that you call D.M. Lawns Inc. as soon as possible. With industry-leading expertise and a reputation for consistent customer satisfaction, our team can work with you to replace, repair, and troubleshoot any problems you are having with your irrigation system.

Fertilization Programs

Our philosophy and practice is to provide customers with a sustainable approach to professional lawn fertilization and weed control programs. Based on years and years of combined industry experience, we painstakingly review the numerous product choices available. After this exhaustive research, review and use over the years, we choose only the most effective lawn fertilizers and weed control products on the market. Our lawn care programs include both granular and liquid treatments applied in the correct seasonal windows to deliver the best results. We utilize both synthetic and natural products to address the right issues at the right time.

Planting Design

A planting design is like a floor plan for an outdoor area. Like a floor plan, a landscape design creates a visual representation of your outdoor area. Planting designs include include natural elements like flowers, trees, and grass.

Tree & Shrub Removal

Overgrown shrubs and dead trees can make your home and yard look unkempt, so it’s important to have unsightly bushes and trees removed. You’ll be amazed at how great your property looks once these blemishes are eliminated! Call D.M. Lawns Inc. today for tree & shrub removal.

Masonry & Hardscape

When contemplating adding a fine masonry element into your landscape, you want to ensure that it will be woven into the overall landscape so that the end result is pleasing. This is done by providing proper and functional proportion to the building and to the surrounding land features. You want to create a seamless flow between stone and plant features. Hardscape elements in your landscape allow you to transcend the inner walls of your home and move out into a natural, green space to get fresh air and gather with friends and family. The impressiveness comes from the unique balance and thoughtful combination of weaving hardscape within the natural surroundings.

Commercial Snow Removal

We provide commercial snow removal to plow out your parking lots, driveways, walkways, and more. We keep your passageways traversable with our fleet of well-built, modern snow equipment. Our hardworking snow removal crews get to our clients' properties as soon as possible during winter weather events.

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